Expat services

Looking for relocation assistance in Switzerland? We ensure a personalized relocation program tailored for private or corporate clients.


We offer half or full day orientation tours around Basel or other cities. This gives a first impression of the area, the public transport, typical apartments or houses, grocery tours, leisure, best sport opportunities etc.


We pick you up at the airport or train station, transfer you to a hotel or temporary furnished apartment and help you settle in. We provide an overview of the area, the public transport system and other questions that might arise.


We arrange viewings for apartments and houses and help you find temporary or permanent housing. We provide important knowledge of the areas which are suitable to rent or buy, ideal situated for work and schools or arrange rental furniture. We coordinate the housing tours, pick you up and take you around. We translate lease contracts, assist you when taking over the apartment or house and help you with the hand-over protocol. We help you getting a general overview of mobile and internet packages, set up the mobile phone, internet, and help you register for utilities.


We coordinate school or childcare visits and help you choose between public and international schools. We help you finding the best school or childcare solution for your children.

Tax and legal issues

We work together with the best experts on legal issues, help you find a tax expert or an independent insurance advisor insurances and pension funds.

Registration and Deregistration

We assist you in the process of registration or deregistration.

Bank account, driver’s licence, car registration

We accompany you to all the authorities and assist you.

Exceptional location

Get a flexible solution for all the personal needs you have on behalf of your relocation to Switzerland. We offer our knowledge and expertise to help you throughout this tailormade service and we work together closely with partner companies in Zürich, Geneva and Lugano.

VIP service

We coordinate all the appointments for you, f.e. with nannies, dog sitters etc and are present in times when you need to be at work or are on a business trip. We do reservations for your flight, for restaurants, theaters etc.

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Why us?

Each member of our team contributes years of experience. We are all well-travelled, speak different languages, have children and pets, live in houses and apartments, live in different residential areas and have a wide network throughout Basel and Switzerland. We know Basel by heart and want to share the great spirit of a small but very international town with you.

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Claudia Sutter

Owner and Relocation

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