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Changing jobs and location as well as adjusting to a new lifestyle and environment will require your full attention. Get the best services that help you and your family settle in as quickly as possible.

Relocating to Switzerland

Are you relocating to Basel or another city in Switzerland? Do you have children and don’t know which school to send them to? What about your pets? Do you know if you can bring them along? Do you know that lease contracts in Basel are always written in German?

These are only some of the many questions that might arise before you relocate to a new city. Our experts have all the answers, know the right people, know the best areas to live in and the best schools for your children. We always find a solution for any situation, for any task or any question.

Welcome Service

We pick you up at the local airport or train station, transfer you to a hotel or a temporary furnished apartment and help you settle in. We provide an overview of the area, the public transport system and answer any other questions that might arise.

Orientation Tour

We offer half- or full-day orientation tours around Basel or in other cities. This gives a first impression of the area, the public transport system, typical apartments or houses, grocery & shopping possibilities, leisure, best sport opportunities, etc.


We arrange viewings for apartments and houses and help you find temporary or permanent housing. We provide important knowledge of the areas suitable for renting or buying, ideally situated for work and schools and we arrange rental furniture when needed. We coordinate the housing tours, pick you up and take you around. We translate lease contracts, assist you when taking over the apartment or house and help you with the hand-over protocol. We help you obtain a general overview of mobile and internet packages, set up the mobile phone, internet, and help you register for utilities.

Schooling & Childcare

We coordinate school or childcare visits and help you choose between public and international schools. We assist you in finding the best school or childcare solution for your children.


Bank account, driver’s licence, car registration – we accompany you to all the authorities and assist you.

Registration & De-registration

We assist you in the process of registration or de-registration.

Taxes, legal issues & insurance

We work together with the best experts on legal issues, help you find a tax expert or an independent insurance advisor and pension funds advice.

Why us?

We are here for all your questions, needs, and worries. We help you settle in quickly and adapt to Swiss life.
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