Our Team

We are first and foremost a team. Our strength lies in open communication with each other and in teamwork that enables us to avoid delays while giving our clients the best and most accurate information possible. We are very fast, flexible, discreet, innovative and we keep calm in stressful situations.

The Experts

Claudia Sutter

Owner and Relocation

M: +41 (0) 79 454 13 09

Languages: ger, en, fr, it, sp

Andrea Stürzinger

Administration and Accounting

M: +41 (0) 79 620 04 13

Languages: ger, en, fr

Veronica Polloway

Business Development

M: +41 (0) 79 299 98 33 

Languages: es, en, it, fr, pt

Our Goal

Take care of our clients while they make their first steps into a new life, comfortably and without stress!

Our extensive local network and flexible approach continually helps us to find new ways to assist our clients. We work independently and offer our clients impartial advice and service. Our know-how covers such topics as schools, apartments, registration, city tours, insurance, cars, and bank accounts, as well as more complicated and individual problems – we can find a solution for anything.

h.o.m.e.s. GmbH

h.o.m.e.s. GmbH was founded in 1996. Claudia Sutter took over the company directorship on January 1st, 2019 retaining existing team members. She grew up in Basel, studied at the University and worked for many years in the banking sector, most recently as an authorized officer for a private bank. Claudia enjoys an extensive local network, speaks four languages and has a great team behind her.