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Relocation service for companies

We offer corporate relocation services to meet your employees needs. We have the resources, the network and the know-how to handle the relocation of your employees to Switzerland. Our experts make sure that your employees needs are handled carefully, fast, flexible and trustworthy.

Employee relocation

Relocation to a new country can be demanding, timeconsuming and stressful if not handled by an expert. Our team of experts provides an exceptional, personal and tailor-made service for companies moving their employees to Switzerland. We help you save money and time and help your employee to settle in as fast as possible.

Service for companies and their employees

We offer a wide range of relocation services for companies moving their employees and families to Switzerland. Your employee will be taken care of by one of the members of our team throughout the whole service. This guarantees a close and professional relationship. The members of our team speak five languages and understand the mentalities of many different cultures.

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We offer half or full day orientation tours around Basel or the city your employee will move to. This gives a first impression of the area, the public transport, typical apartments or houses, grocery tours etc. The progamm will be adjusted to personal preferences of the employee.


We pick up your employee at the airport with our company car. We will transfer, accompany him to the hotel or temporary furnished apartment and help him settle in. We provide an overview of the area, the public transport system and all other questions help him orientate throughout the first few days.


Finding the right home is the most important issue for your employee and his family. We arrange viewings for apartments and houses and help your employee find temporary or permanent housing. We provide important knowledge of the areas which are suitable to rent or buy, ideal situated for work and schools or arrange rental furniture. We coordinate the housing tours for your employee, pick him up with the company car and take him around.

We translate lease contracts, assist him once he takes over the apartment or house and help him with the documents. We help your employee in getting a general overview of mobile and internet packages, set up the mobile phone, internet, and help your employee register for utilities.


We coordinate school or childcare visits for your employee and help him choose between public and international schools. We help him find the best school for his childrens needs and skills.

Tax and legal issues

We work together with the best experts on legal issues, help your employees finding a tax expert or an independent insurance advisor for questions on insurances and pension funds.

Registration and Deregistration

We assist your employee in the process of registration or deregistration.

Bank account, driver’s licence, car registration

We accompany your employee to all the authorities and assist him.

Other services

We offer our knowledge and expertise to help your employee throughout tailor-made services.

Why us?

We have the resources, the network, and the know-how to handle your employees’ relocation to Switzerland.

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